10 Best Face Powder For Oily Skin in 2020

In the Arsenal of tools for maintaining beauty, every girl has a powder. It is indispensable when applying makeup, allows you to hide flaws, emphasize the necessary details, remove greasy Shine from the face. But not everyone knows how to use powder correctly. If handled incorrectly, you can even harm yourself by clogging the pores and thus increase the growth of acne.

What properties should a powder have for greasy epidermis? Best powder for oily skin

The composition for oily skin performs several tasks simultaneously. In addition to leveling the tone and hiding imperfections, mattifies the skin, but it does not clog the pores and lasts throughout the day. The composition contains an absorbent component that dampens the greasy Shine. Today, there are variants with perlite, a mineral of volcanic origin. It perfectly provides a natural matte finish without over-drying the skin.

Important! The composition should not contain vegetable oils, wax, or starch. From them, the skin gets unnecessary Shine, clogged pores.

Most often, the T-zone suffers and it has to be strongly matted. In this case, you can advise using a highlighter and blush to refresh the face and give it a contour. Modern cosmetic composition helps to remove inflammation and prevents the formation of acne. Do not skimp when choosing it. Professional tools will help to hide the greasy Shine for a long time.

Which one to choosе: best loose powder for oily skin, best pressed powder for oily skin or other?

The option for oily skin type can be compact, crumbly or cream. From them, you need to choose a matting or mineral structure. Mineral powder copes perfectly with oily skin. Thanks to its light texture, it is perfectly applied over the Foundation and removes the greasy Shine without weighing the skin down. It contains only natural ingredients-zinc oxide, kaolin, iron, boron nitride, and quartz, which give the powder its hypoallergenic properties. Mineral variation can well expand and clear the pores, it smoothes the tone of the face, making it smooth and velvety, mattifies the skin, masks small rashes, and supports the natural fat balance.

Mattifying cosmetic composition is evenly applied to the face with a wide brush. Removes greasy Shine and makes the skin velvety, thanks to its delicate airy texture. The composition is hypoallergenic, does not clog the pores, but does not last long, and it is always inconvenient to carry with you. Professionals advise you to use loosely in the morning, and during the day, to maintain makeup, use a compact one. The cream combines the properties of Foundation and powder. Perfectly mattifies, covering the skin with a thin natural layer. The composition should be silicone. The makeup product should be water-resistant and fat-free. The transparent product perfectly removes Shine, creates a natural appearance, but is suitable for smooth epidermis with small disadvantages. It doesn’t mask the problem areas.

How to apply it correctly powder foundation for oily skin?

Advice from professionals-before applying Foundation, you can walk on the face with an ice cube. This will narrow the pores, and the skin will not exude Shine for a long time.

For owners of the oily epidermis, there are rules and tips for creating makeup, following which you can hide the Shine on your face throughout the day:

  • before applying cosmetics, you need to prepare the skin — clean it from old cosmetics and wipe it with a tonic;
  • then you can apply a light moisturizer;
  • on areas prone to the appearance of greasy Shine, apply a primer. It is not possible to roll tone and helps makeup to last as long as possible;
  • concealer and tone before the makeup is applied in a thin layer, not to burden the skin;
  • the skin of the eyelid’s concealer is best to use a primer. It will help control the release of sebum;
  • before applying cosmetics in the morning, especially during the day, apply a matting cloth to the T-zone;
  • for application, use a thick brush-puff;
  • first, use a brush to apply a thin layer, slightly shading, then the previous layers do not roll-off. After that, gradually apply a thicker layer;
  • first of all, the composition is applied to the problem areas-usually the cheeks, nose wings, and forehead. Next, the remaining areas are shaded;
  • to get a natural finish and translucent glow, you need to apply the brush closer to the skin;
  • it is preferable to use high-quality, non-comedogenic products. They don’t clog the pores.


Next, we will review the best rating of powder Foundation for 2020 for oily skin

Best Powder foundation for oily skin

1. Chanel powder Mat Lumiere

compact powder

Excellent compact powder Mat Lumiere SPF10 from the brilliant French masters Chanel. It works successfully in several directions at once. First of all, Chanel powder effectively hides small imperfections of the face, emphasizing its advantages. It also provides delicate care to sensitive skin, in particular protecting it from harmful sun rays.

Do you want to get rid of the unpleasant greasy Shine of your skin? Use the powder SPF10 Mat Lumiere. The described product covers the skin with a wonderful matte shade, smoothing out irregularities, facial wrinkles and masking various defects: redness, black dots, the above-mentioned Shine.

2. Jane iredale pressed powder

jane iredale blush

Mattifying powder HD Beyond Matte Powder (replaceable unit) is suitable for all skin types. The powder absorbs excess skin fat, masking skin imperfections, softens and refreshes it.

From the shades, you can easily choose the one that suits your skin tone.

Lilac – Lilac – will mask a painful shade of yellow.

Translucent-Transparent-universal for any skin type.

3. Yllozure Tresor best loose powder for oily skin

setting powder for oily skin

Light as down and soft as silk, this luxurious loose powder will become a real treasure for those who dream of turning daily makeup into exquisite pleasure.

Tresor air powder is completely invisible and not noticeable on the skin.

It contains opaque light-absorbing pigments and leveling nylon microfibres that give the skin

4. Shiseido Pureness Matifying Compact Oil-free found

Best face powder for oily skin

“Pureness Matifying” is one of the most purchased powders in the luxury segment. This is due to the affordable price and the presence of many positive reviews that can be found on various Internet sources and in women’s publications.

Transparent powder products are now almost the most controversial beauty products. Their uselessness or value is discussed in many forums. Shiseido does not stand aside and releases two versions at once:

  • transparent loose powder Translucent Loose Powder and
  • compact Pressed Powder

The difference between them is in the packaging format, weight, and application method. Their purpose is identical. Nice texture. They are excellent matting, and fine grinding does not allow clogging of the pores. It is important to note that they are suitable for normal skin without any special problems, redness or acne since there is almost no disguise. Will adapt to any tone, perfectly fixes makeup and eliminates unwanted Shine.

5. Bourjois Paris Bio Detox

best drugstore powder foundation for oily skin

Created for skincare, the formula of BIO Detox compact powder consists of 100% natural ingredients and has an Ecocert certificate as a natural cosmetic. It includes a variety of natural ingredients, at the heart of which is its star ingredient-plant chlorophyll, which improves the appearance of the skin and at the same time has a cleansing effect.

6. Poudre compacte Radiance, ysl powder

yves saint laurent y.

Compact Radiance powder is a real perfection that every woman will appreciate. The luxurious powder provides the skin with a long-lasting, natural glow, fixes makeup and mattifies the skin. Ample-Light + complex enhances skin radiance, makes it fresh and rested. Just one application of powder instantly hides imperfections.

7. Loose Powder, Giorgio Armani. Giorgio Armani powder foundation

Loose Powder

Loose Powder Giorgio Armani mattifying loose powder eliminates oily skin Shine and hides imperfections. Micro-fil™ reflective microparticles give the skin an even tone without flaws and a delicate glow, providing it with a well-groomed and rested appearance.

The unique Micro-fil° technology is a combination of the smallest protein particles and elastic transparent microspheres, giving an optical leveling effect and a light glow. The weightless texture of the powder is not felt at all on the face, preserving its natural shade without the effect of a mask.

8. NYX stay matte not flat powder. NYX setting powder

NYX mineral finishing powder

Mineral loose powder gives the skin a matte finish and securely fixes makeup.

Matting and fixing make-up without weighing it down with NYX mineral finishing powder there is nothing, nothing is possible. Fixing mineral powder ultra-fine grinding, makes decorative products on your face more resistant, without overloading the makeup. This product with a convenient crumbly consistency is available in two universal shades — light and slightly darker. The powder merges with the face and gives the effect of stunningly smooth skin with a perfect tone.

9. Urban Decay setting powder, De-Slick

urban decay powder

The weightless pressed powder absorbs excess skin sebum and prevents the appearance of greasy Shine, without causing any damage to the makeup. Glitter is welcome if we are talking, for example, about expensive jewelry, but when we talk about the T-zone, there is no place for glitter. To tame the greasy Shine and attract the eyes in an exceptionally good way, use the iconic urban Decay product-matting pressed powder De-Slick.

Do not be afraid of its pale purple color-the powder becomes transparent on the skin and suits any tone. The formula contains weightless rice powder, which perfectly absorbs the greasy Shine. It is so weightless that you will not feel it on your skin, but you will immediately notice the matting effect. Many compact powders after applying to the combination or oily skin look unattractive and provoke the appearance of even more Shine, but not De-Slick. The formula is rich in tea tree oil, which has healing properties and is ideal for all skin types.

10. Teint Idole Ultra Compact, Lancome absolue powder

lancome powder foundation

Comfort Loads moisturizing complex complements the formula of this product, providing a feeling of comfort for the whole day. There is also protection against photo-aging. The result is a matte finish, even tone, and no greasy Shine.


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