How to Slim Down Calves in Two Weeks. Best Exercises, Nutrition Recommendations

Many are dissatisfied with the size of the calves on their feet. This can look like: disproportionately to the hips, and the entire body. Many people tend to accumulate fat on the back surface, so we have prepared a solution for you to get rid of fat in these places. All you have to do is adjust your workout and review your diet and lifestyle. So let’s start. How to lose weight in your calves

We all know that you need to get rid of fat only by physical activity. So now we will look at 12 exercises for your legs, thanks to which, you can get rid of such a problem as large calves and how to get skinny ankles, how to get rid of fat above knees, how to get calves. How to slim down calves in two weeks

1. Calf workout at home. Reverse calf raises

This activity should be possible by a competitor of any level or an individual who doesn’t play sports (how to get rid of calf fat). The activity is viewed as the primary one for working out the lower leg muscles. Lifting on your toes while standing can be: with loads, on one leg, moving from heel to toe, and others. Think about the method of this activity.

2. Seated Calf Raises With Weights

how to lose weight in calves

The method is completely like the past exercise, the main thing that you sit and work isn’t the lower leg muscle, however the flounder.

3. Sumo squat, with calf lift. Sumo squat form

How to get fatter legs

This exercise works out the biceps thighs and calves, quadriceps and buttocks.

4. Plie on socks

How to get skinny calves

The basic exercise is suitable for beginners. It is aimed at working out the inner part of the buttocks and thighs, in this case, we add a rise on the toes-which well involves our calf muscles.

5. Skater exercise

How to get smaller calves, lose calf fat

This exercise is related to cardio, as it has proven to be fat-burning.

6. Plank with lowering of the knees

How to get rid of knee fat, fat knees before and after, get rid of knee fat

7. Endurance Running. How to improve running endurance

How to lose calf fat
How to lose calf fat

A very good method of physical activity, like running. If your goal is simply to strengthen the body, then do not exhaust yourself with training. If the goal is to prepare the body for competitions and so on, then you need to develop endurance running.


8. Walking on the stairs

How to get skinny ankles fast

Muscles that are involved in this exercise: the biceps femur, glutes, calf muscles, and knee joint. Fat calves

9. Squat with jumping out

Slim calves. This exercise is very interesting from the load. First, we work on the quadriceps, and secondly, we train our heart also, since it also contains an anaerobic load. How to get thinner ankles

10. Single- Leg Squats

How to get bigger calves at home, large calf muscle. A powerful exercise is a squat on one leg. Which involves a lot of muscles and allows you to pump up the muscles of the legs and buttocks, doing everything with your weight.

11. Hand Under Foot Pose

How to make my calves smaller.

12. Calf Stretch

Slim down calves.The final stage in any physical exercise is stretching, do not forget about it.


Here were examples of workouts that you should do 3-5 times a week to get results. Next, I’ll give you some tips on lifestyle and diets.


Useful tips on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for beautiful legs and calves. How to slim down calves in two weeks

  1. The first thing I would like to note is to limit the consumption of fatty foods. For example milk chocolate, cookies, Burger, French fries, and so on.
  2. Start adding to your diet foods that contribute to weight loss, such as eggs, chicken, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and so on.
  3. As for women, try to wear less high-heeled shoes, as this gives a greater load on the calves, and thus you increase them. The same applies to heavy shoes (boots).
  4. First, try to do such exercises where the calf muscles are less involved, try to add more cardio.
  5. Don’t do cardio on a high-slope track. Better, give preference to running on a flat surface or walking fast.
  6. Avoid sprints, which also actively build up your calf muscles.
  7. Try not to eat food at night.

There you have it – approaches to lose calf fat and get slimmer and thin calves and legs. Calf fat is hard to dispose of, yet just if you don’t do the correct things. Feel free to attempt these techniques, and, without a doubt, you will get results.

That is about it. Presently you have all the most ideal approaches to prepare and tips that will assist you with accomplishing the legs you had always wanted. In any case, you have to bend over backward, and don’t stop, the outcome won’t take long.

Thank you for your attention, be athletic and healthy ❤


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