15 Best Chest Exercises without Weights and with the Weights

All persons of the beautiful female sex dream of a beautiful, toned body, and especially if we are talking about a female breast. For the female breast to keep its shape and not become saggy with age, you need to keep the breast muscles constantly in shape. Sports can come to fight this problem, although many women believe that if the breast has lost its shape and has become not beautiful, it cannot be returned, but you are wrong. Chest excercises without weights. You just need to think about it and add training to your life, and do exercises on the chest muscles, and the results will please you very much. In life, everything happens, perhaps you do not have such an opportunity as to visit the gym, flat chest workout, do not worry, because at home you can make a workout no worse. Chest workouts for beginners. Next, we’ll show you the 15 best activities that will help you complete everything we’ve talked about earlier. Best at home chest workout.

Best lower chest exercises and on the other side


1. Standing Chest Stretch

Before you practice, you need to stretch your muscles to prevent stretching. Simple chest workout.


2. Camel Pose

Chest workout at home without weights. This pose is good because it helps us open the chest, and thus stretch the entire chest area and back. Chest back workout.


3. Incline Dumbbell Press-chest exercise with dumbbells

The chest dumbbell workouts press lying on a straight or inclined bench is considered the best exercise due to the large amplitude. Because the bench is tilted, you work out all possible pectoral muscles. This exercise is suitable for both beginners and athletes, as you can choose the weight that is optimal for you. Be careful before you start doing this exercise, as doing it incorrectly can cause injuries or sprains. Chest and back workout routine.


4.  Barbell Bench Press

Best upper chest exercises. Many girls avoid this exercise, but do not. This exercise works well on your back. However, before performing it, follow basic safety precautions. Before you start working with this exercise, be sure to warm up your muscles.

In this exercise, the large pectoral muscle, biceps, shoulders, and broadest back muscle are well worked out. Chest and back workout for mass.


5. Overhead Shoulder Press

This is an exercise for the shoulders, but do not rush to remove it, this exercise also works well on the chest muscles.


6.  Wall Push-ups

Wall, this is a great way to work out the chest muscles, biceps, cortex muscles, and others. This exercise perfectly burns your extra calories and gives your muscles tone. Chest workout routine for women.


7.  Decline Push-ups

How to build upper chest. Don’t confuse the tilt push-up with the classic push-up. Push-UPS in the tilt give more load to the chest muscles. Use any elevation or fitball.


8.  Lying Chest Fly

Chest and abs workout

The layout of dumbbells, or a different dilution. A very popular and well-developed exercise for the chest muscles. This exercise is known both in the standing and lying position.


9.  Seated Dumbbell Fly

Chest and back workout female.

Good chest workouts with dumbbells. Similar exercise to the previous one. Good exercise for beginners. Works out the pectoral muscles and upper back. Thanks to the different inclines of the bench, this exercise involves all areas of the pectoral muscles.


10. Dumbbell Plank Rotation

Inner chest workouts

Upper chest workouts. We all know the bar that strengthens the cortex muscles, adding to this exercise dumbbells and body rotation, you perfectly strengthen the pectoral muscles.


11. Wide Push-ups

Quick chest workout

Chest workouts without bench. Push-UPS, with a wide arm position. This is the same classic push-UPS, this type of exercise works with the pectoral muscles due to the wide location of the hands.


12. Isometric Chest Exercise

Chest workout for beginners

An exercise for which you don’t need any additional equipment. In this exercise, you only use your power. Chest and back workout at home.


13. Staggered Chest Press

Best chest workout at home

Chest excercises without weights. This exercise is not quite easy. For this exercise, you will need a stable support and expander.


14. Dumbbell Bridge Chest Press

Pec workouts with dumbbells

Lower chest workout at home. For this exercise, we need 2 dumbbells. An exercise that works out the lower back, chest muscles, thighs, and buttocks.


15. Medicine Ball Push-up

This is a fairly complex exercise, but very effective, it may not work right away, do not despair, practice and everything will work out. Ultimate chest workout.


In conclusion, I want to say that breast training for women is not only possible but also necessary. This applies not only to beautiful Breasts and attractiveness but also above all to your health. It does not matter where you do it, if you visit the gym, do it on the simulators, if you do not go, this type of training can be performed at home.  The most important thing you should not forget is to do this exercise regularly and you will see the result very soon.


Have a good workout, beautiful Breasts and health♡

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