5 Best Medial Deltoid Exercises, Middle and Lateral for Girl and Men. Bodyweight Exercises for Shoulders

Shoulder training is the best way to expand your back and create a V-shape. Pumping the deltoid muscles allows you to strengthen the shoulder joint, allowing you to perform pull-UPS and other back exercises with more weight. In addition, shoulder exercises increase the amplitude of movement of the arm joints — which is extremely important when performing triceps exercises.

In order to pump up the shoulders, you need to work out the deltoid muscle at different angles — that’s why there are many different exercises for the shoulders, performed both with a barbell and with dumbbells. However, it is important to remember that the shoulder joint is considered one of the most fragile. Even a small shoulder injury will result in a ban on any exercise related to lifting weight with your hands.

Before we look at the best ways to develop deltoid muscles, let’s first look at the structure of the muscles.

The shoulder consists of three main muscles:
medial delt exercises
  • Anterior deltoid muscle (red)
  • Medial deltoid muscle (green) medial delt exercises
  • Posterior deltoid muscle (blue)

It goes without saying that you should work on all three muscle groups. Otherwise, the uneven development of the muscles will be too obvious.

Best deltoid exercises. Exercises for rounded shoulders

What you need to know

First, you need to pay attention to complex exercises on the shoulder muscles. Single exercises do not produce the same results as complex exercises. Secondly, when performing exercises for gaining muscle mass, always give preference to a low number of repetitions and a heavy weight. When performing the following exercises, you should use any type of weights that will allow you to perform no more than 6-8 reps.

1. Seated Arnold press, Standing Arnold press

The Arnold press is a popular basic exercise for developing deltoid muscles. As you can guess from the name, it came into widespread use thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who built his entire shoulder training around it. This exercise has its advantages relative to the classic sitting dumbbell press. For example, it is more involved in the work of the middle bundle of the deltoid muscle, due to which the shoulders become bulkier.

Shoulder dumbbell workout. Take the dumbbells and raise your hands to chest level (palms facing you). Now slowly raise your hands above your head, turning your forearms so that when your arms are fully straightened, your palms are facing away from you. Pause and start lowering the dumbbells, slowly turning your forearms to the starting position.

2. Head press with a barbell. Behind the neck shoulder press

Technique: the grip is wider than the shoulders, the movement begins from behind the head at the level of the neck.

3. Lateral delt exercises. One arm cable lateral raise

Cable shoulder exercises. These swings are analogous to side swings with dumbbells, but with one difference. In Mach with dumbbells, the load on the deltas is minimal at the beginning of the Mach, and maximum at the end of the movement (in the upper phase). Here, the load is the same along the entire length. It’s not good or bad, it’s just a different sense of load. If you feel your muscles better with dumbbells, do it with dumbbells. If it’s better in a crossover, do it in a crossover.

Swings one hand to the side from the lower block:

Technique: the brush is turned to the block, the elbow is slightly bent, we try to perform an identical movement, as in swings to the sides. Behind the back cable curl.

4. Exercises for broad shoulders. Swing dumbbells to the sides

In this exercise, the shoulder muscles work in isolation. The main load falls on the middle or side beams of deltoids. Deltas are small in size and can be easily injured. Therefore, when performing exercises, it is important to select weights carefully, without too much haste. Correct execution of movements is also a prerequisite.

If you do dumbbell breeding standing or sitting with a violation of technique, then load non-target muscles and increase the risk of tears and sprains.

Technique: starting position, hands at the hip, hands facing each other. Performing the max, the hands are slightly bent at the elbows, the hands make a small pronation.

5. Medial deltoid exercises. Lifting dumbbells alternately forward

Lifting dumbbells in front of you is an isolated exercise for working out deltas. Or rather, one of the three heads: the front. Which largely depends on the shape of our shoulders.

Technique: starting position, hands at the hip. Perform swings in front of you with one hand, in the initial position slightly starting in the direction of the opposite hand, the brush is tilted at 45 degrees.

6. Cable machine exercises. Pull to the collarbone with a rope on the upper block

Cable side raises. Technique: the body is slightly tilted back, the elbows are directed upwards, the movement is carried out at the level of the clavicle, the shoulder blades are not reduced.


Let’s sum up the results and list the main theses related to performing shoulder exercises:

  • Training should not be performed every day, as the muscles need several days to rest. As part of the overall split program, one shoulder workout per week is enough. If this is a specialization for this muscle group, it makes sense to split the bundles into different days, but also pump them only once a week.
  • Be sure to start with a warm-up session.
  • All efforts (pull, press) are made on the exhalation. Inhale when the muscles relax.
  • Perform smoothly, without jerks.
  • If you do Mahi, do at least 12-15 reps. Many do 8-10 swings in about 10 seconds, which is not enough for high-quality muscle training.
  • Do not throw a barbell or dumbbell in the negative phase. Go through this part of the movement under control.



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