Cinnamon for Acne. Best Face Masks for Acne on the Basis of Cinnamon

If you have problem skin, then cinnamon is a great find for you, since it is a natural remedy and effectively removes inflammation and helps fight bacteria. Also, cinnamon has a great effect on your skin as a rejuvenation, which makes it popular. Currently, many women use cinnamon for skin rashes, making various masks, scrubs, and so on.

Cinnamon benefits for skin and its influence

Pimples, like acne, appear due to various factors that contribute to the clogging of the pores and the beginning of the inflammatory process when infection enters. Cinnamon contains a unique cinnamon aldehyde, which actively neutralizes the processes of inflammation (by suppressing the synthesis of nitric oxide), as well as bacteria that cause the formation of pathogenic elements.

Cinnamon for skin also has a pronounced antioxidant effect, which helps protect the skin surface from the effects of various toxins and other adverse substances, including those that are formed as a result of the natural activity of pathogenic microorganisms. Applying products based on this component allows you to quickly clean the pores, eliminate dirt and prevent the formation of pimples and acne while stimulating the growth of healthy new cells.

Cinnamon skin benefits. An important property of cinnamon is that its powder is quite capable of replacing the salon procedure of microdermabrasion, but in contrast to it, removing dead cells from the surface of the epidermis does not cause any harm or damage to the skin.

Ways to use cinnamon for acne

Many believe that this spice can only be used as a component for the preparation of health and cleansing masks, but this opinion is misleading. In fact, there are several ways to use cinnamon in the treatment of acne, each of which is effective in its own way, in particular:

  • Cinnamon oil with honey, which is used to wipe the skin when removing acne.
  • Adding cinnamon to food, in your daily diet, which contributes to the overall strengthening of the immune system, which reduces the intensity of existing inflammation and prevents the appearance of new ones.
  • The use of drugs made according to traditional medicine recipes in combination with other components.
  • Use of pharmaceutical and industrial cosmetic products, for example, in the form of creams, gels or serums for regular application to the skin.

But most often, of course, cinnamon in cosmetology is used as the main substance for the preparation of masks, the options of which are quite diverse.

Best face masks for acne with cinnamon. Acne scars masks

Diy face masks for acne scars

This natural remedy can be used independently, for example, in the form of a compress. To prepare it, take a spoonful of cinnamon powder or 1-2 sticks, pour a glass of warm water and leave for 8 – 10 hours to infuse. The water should not be hot, so as not to destroy the healing components. After that, moisten a clean cloth in the infusion, wring it out a little and apply it to the face, having previously cleaned the skin, for 30 minutes.

When applying acne face masks, there is one important rule, which is that the prepared compositions cannot be rubbed into the epidermis. The procedure should be carried out very carefully, applying the composition with a soft brush. Rubbing the mixture will cause severe redness and irritation.

Honey and cinnamon mask
cystic acne extraction

These two components, according to many cosmetologists, are a very harmonious combination, because they perfectly complement each other’s benefits, providing maximum effect. Honey and cinnamon face mask to prepare the product, you need to mix cinnamon powder and natural honey in a ratio of 1: 3, mix thoroughly and apply the mass to the face with a soft brush, leaving it for 20 to 25 minutes.

Apply the honey and cinnamon for acne best in the evening, almost before going to bed. Cinnamon causes some skin irritation, which is short-term, but the natural components of honey perfectly neutralize it, calming the tissues and increasing the antibacterial effect. Such procedures should be performed every day for at least 20 days.

Milk face mask with cinnamon
best face mask for acne scars

To quickly soothe inflamed skin, cinnamon powder (1 tablespoon) should be mixed with warm fresh milk (2 tablespoons). Mix the mixture into a homogeneous paste, which is gently applied to the skin and after 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with cool clean water. The skin after this milk mask becomes especially soft.

Lemon face mask with cinnamon
mask for acne

The use of this tool helps not only to soothe the skin, effectively eliminates acne, but also fights perfectly with traces of these pathogenic elements, not only smoothing out scars but also discoloring spots. The product can also be used to combat pigmentation.

To prepare the composition, you need to take the cinnamon powder and fresh lemon juice in equal parts, mix thoroughly and immediately apply to the skin, pre-cleaning it, leaving the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Black clay mask with cinnamon
clay mask for acne

To prepare clay mask for acne, you need to take 2 tablespoons of clay and add it to the drops of pure water, knead until the state of sour cream. Then add half a spoonful of natural burdock oil and a few drops of cinnamon oil to the mass. After thorough mixing, apply the composition carefully and liberally to the face and rinse off after 20-25 minutes.

After applying such a mask and thoroughly rinsing the skin, you should carefully blot with a napkin and immediately apply a cream with the effect of active moisturizing.

Acne face mask for problem and oily skin. Best mask for acne

To prepare an acne mask, you should carefully mix 3-4 spoons of clay with water, adding it drop by drop. You can take any clay, but it is best to use white. Then add 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder to the mass (you can replace the cinnamon oil in an amount of 7-10 drops), 5 tablespoons of coarse sea salt, a spoonful of natural liquid honey, 5-7 drops of chamomile oil and a little water to make a homogeneous thick mixture.

With a soft brush, apply the product to the skin in a fairly thick layer, stand for about 20-25 minutes, and then rinse off. The use of this mask allows you to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminating excessive fat, calm the skin, reducing the intensity of inflammation and significantly narrow the pores.

It is important to remember that cinnamon, like honey, can cause allergic reactions in some people, so before applying any mask based on such components, you must check the possible sensitivity. To do this, the prepared mixture (mask) should be applied in a small amount to the wrist area and kept for half an hour. If after washing for 10 minutes there are no negative reactions, you can apply the mixture to the face.

Face mask for dry skin with using cinnamon

To prepare the composition, you need to mix 1 tablespoon of fresh kefir, cinnamon powder, and natural honey, then add 5 tablespoons of the crushed pulp of fresh pumpkin. Apply the mask for 15-20 minutes, washing with milk.

This product perfectly tones and nourishes dry skin, eliminates dead cells and stimulates the renewal of the epidermis, effectively eliminates not only acne but also peeling of the skin.

Contraindications to use Cinnamon for Acne

Despite all the benefits of this spice, there are a number of contraindications to its external use. You should not use such tools if:

  • There is an Allergy to any component of the composition.
  • In the treatment area, there are areas of damaged skin (injuries, including after squeezing out pimples).
  • There are pathogenic elements of pustular character on the face.
  • A woman is carrying a baby or breastfeeding an infant.
  • There is hypertension of the 3rd degree.
  • At the time of the procedure, there is an exacerbation of herpes.

Of course, cinnamon, in comparison with other means that help get rid of acne and other cosmetic defects, is much less known, but it deserves the closest attention. With proper use of this substance, the skin becomes clearer, smoother, tighter and fresher.

Even if you are sure that cinnamon and honey will help to get rid of acne and significantly improve the skin condition, you need to conduct an Allergy test. We are dealing with highly allergenic products, some people have an intolerance to cinnamon or honey, so before applying masks, check the effect of the product on a small area of skin on the hand.

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