Hair Loss After Weight Loss, What to Do?

Often in the pursuit of slimness, we go on a diet and then face a new problem — hair loss. Sometimes the scale of loss of strands is such that even excess weight seems to be a lesser evil. What should I do? We will tell you how to return the hair to its former density and maintain excellent shape and how to stop hair loss due to weight loss.

Why weight loss and hair loss connected to each other

How does hair work? Each hair has a living (invisible) and a relatively inanimate (visible) part. The living part of the hair is the hair follicle, i.e. its root along with the surrounding tissues, glands, muscles, vessels, and nerve endings. Here the cells of the outer part of the hair are synthesized. These cells multiply at a tremendous rate, and they need high-quality nutrition for the normal division. The life span of the hair is from 3 to 7 years. When it falls out, a new hair grows from the same bulb. In order for the process of birth and the creation of new hair to go smoothly, you also need a lot of nutrients.

Why are diets bad for curls? On a diet, the body does not receive a number of vitamins, trace elements, and sometimes proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The “emergency mode” is activated – nutrients are delivered primarily to vital organs. Naturally, hair does not belong to such. Due to lack of nutrition, the cycle of hair growth and formation is disrupted: they “freeze” in the follicles, their structure is damaged, they become weak, thin, and dull. The longer the diet lasts, the more serious the defects in the follicle and the worse the condition of the hair. Diets are especially dangerous in the spring when the body is deprived of useful elements that are vital to it after the winter.

When does hair start to fall out after a diet? As a rule, curls begin to thin out three months after the start of weight loss hair loss. By this time, 30% of the hair follicles are seriously damaged. Diffuse alopecia begins when the hair falls out evenly over the entire head. The remaining hairs lose their tone, Shine, thin out, break off, which makes the hair untidy, disheveled. Especially deplorable is the condition of once long hair — after all, the bulb does not have the strength to withstand their weight. The daily rate of hair loss (approximately 100 hairs) increases by 20-30%. In some cases, you can completely lose your hair after a diet? With weight loss through diets, you need to be especially careful if your family has had cases of early baldness or increased hair loss, there is a history of autoimmune, endocrine, dermatological diseases.

What diets cause hair loss? Keto diet hair loss

Hair literally climbs in shreds after a hard weight loss on “fast-acting” diets. What to do — this is how our body reacts to severe stress, which is a sharp weight loss. Reason for this:

Hormonal failure, hormonal imbalance quiz: subcutaneous adipose tissue is involved in the synthesis and distribution of progesterone and estrogen. What can cause hormonal imbalance. When there is a sharp deficit of adipose tissue, the body does not have time to adapt, and the level of hormones can decrease to critical levels.

Metabolic disorders: due to an extreme jump in weight, the body turns on a protective mode. Now any food, even low-calorie, he will put aside in reserve, cutting down on the expenditure of calories for the work of the immune system and other vital systems.

Failures in the gastrointestinal tract: strict restrictions on food lead to the fact that the gastric juice corrodes the mucous membranes of the stomach and duodenum, and due to a lack of dietary fiber, intestinal peristalsis decreases.

Negative impact on the cardiovascular system quizlet: the heart and blood vessels are used to your body weight, and a sudden decrease in it will be a strong load for them. The volume of blood decreased (after all, the volume of tissues supplied with blood decreased), and the vessels remained stretched. Result: arrhythmia, pressure spikes.

Loss of muscle tissue: rapid weight loss occurs mainly due to muscle mass, which can lead to its dystrophy.

Any failure in the body instantly affects the quality of hair, skin, and nails. That is why experts advise you to lose no more than a kilogram a week. Even minus 5 kg for this period is already a serious application for baldness.

On the fashionable keto diet today, hair falls out very intensively. The principle of nutrition involves the exclusion of carbohydrates, the use of a large amount of fat and moderate-protein. Reducing carbohydrates in the diet leads to a weakening of the immune system, poor nutrition of the brain, and excess fat causes changes in blood lipids provoke problems with the kidneys. All this is a serious blow to the quality of curls. keto diet vs vegan

The biggest damage to hair is caused by diets with meat restriction: they provoke a lack of iron and silicon in the body. Silicon deficiency makes hair brittle along the entire length, and with a lack of iron, the consequences can be of varying severity: from excision of the ends of the hair to complete baldness.

If you sit on a mono-diet, for example, kefir, you can provoke a lack of the most important elements for the development and growth of hair: copper, zinc, selenium. The hair will lose elasticity, become torn, fall out, and grow thin and slowly. The consequences of such diets can be long-term, as a severe lack of elements is very difficult to restore.

If you remove fat from the diet, the curls will lose their lipid mantle, lose fat-soluble vitamins-A, E, D. the Result is thinning hair, dull lifeless strands with deep damage. And since many women are afraid to return (or gain) pounds and eat too little fat, the body over time is increasingly suffering from a lack of trace elements.

Hair loss after weight loss will it grow back? How to return hair loss and stay slim

Is it really necessary to make a choice between a beautiful hairstyle and a toned figure? No! You can also reduce the weight to the desired numbers, and that at the same time after losing weight, your hair does not fall out badly. The main thing is a reasonable approach based on scientific achievements, as well as a comprehensive impact on the body — from inside and outside.

What doctor to see for hair loss. Specialist help

Trichology is a relatively young science that helps maintain healthy hair and scalp. Dietetics, nutrition science — the field of medicine, dealing with a competent individual meal. Consultation with a trichologist and nutritionist is the first step on the way to an ideal appearance.

Doctors will definitely conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient. The trichologist has this:
What doctor to see for hair loss
  • computer diagnostics of the scalp and hair (trichoscopy);
  • blood test for thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH);
  • blood test for male hormone levels;
  • blood test for hemoglobin.




The nutritionist will assess the state of health and identify existing diseases. Will be held:
weight loss and hair loss
  • clinical analysis;
  • ultrasound examinations of internal organs;
  • impedansometry (determination of the muscle-fat composition of the body).





Proper examination is a guarantee of effective treatment. Trichologist will select cosmetics that will suit your hair, if necessary, will advise pharmacy drugs and vitamins. Nutritionist-nutritionist will develop an individual program for maintaining health, including treatment and rehabilitation measures, the mode and nature of nutrition. As soon as the reason that caused your curls and figure to suffer-improper metabolism, poor nutrition, and self — care-goes away, the hair will be restored, and the weight will be normalized.

Getting the desired shape and luxurious hair is a long process. Many people start treatment, but without seeing the brilliant effect, get tired and quit. Do not forget that the extra pounds appeared within a few years, and the hair fell out for several months. Therefore, we must mentally prepare for the same long process of recovery. Let you be inspired and motivated by the fact that this slow result will definitely be yours and will remain with you for the rest of your life!

Best product for thinning hair
Hair loss after weight loss will it grow back

Until specialists have developed an individual food system for you, you can use the public recommendations. The best weight loss program for hair is a healthy diet.

The diet should include all food groups:

  • vegetable and animal fats (in small amounts, 1 tablespoon per day);
  • fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • meat (low-fat varieties);
  • seafood;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • Gramineae;

To smoothly reduce weight, it is necessary to reduce the calorie of the daily diet (portion size) by about 20% from the usual one. This adjustment of the diet will not hit the curls, will not prevent their growth and recovery.

In the daily diet, you need to observe the balance of BZHU. B is proteins, the main building material of the body. Without it, the metabolism will not be healthy, and the immune system will start to malfunction. Fats are fats that help the body absorb many vitamins and produce hormones. U-carbohydrates, our main source of energy for all reactions and processes in the body.

If the balance of these components is disturbed in the menu, there may be serious problems with the density of hair. To avoid this, use the rule of quarters: one quarter of your plate should be occupied by protein products, another-complex carbohydrates (cereals, bread from coarse flour, pasta from dark wheat varieties, etc.), the third — vegetable salad, seasoned with fats (oil, sour cream), and leave a part for a snack with fruit or dairy products.

What should I give up to lose weight and improve my hair?

From the use of salt.

Don’t worry, you will get enough sodium from the foods you will eat. But your body will no longer accumulate excess water. A salt-free diet will reduce weight, eliminate swelling, improve kidney function, and make hair lush, elastic, and shiny.


From the habit of eating sweets.

Believe me, this is a habit-try to hold out without sweets for only a week, and you will notice how the craving for sweets and cookies has decreased. The absence of sweets in the diet will help you quickly get rid of extra pounds, as well as reduce the fat content of the skin and hair.


From fat, spicy, fried, canned, smoked.

Fast food, chips, nuts, sausages, and other harmful Goodies are the main cause of obesity and hair problems. A person who is used to eating such food is chronically short of nutrients, which negatively affects his health in general and the condition of his hair in particular.


From baking white flour of the highest grade. Bloating, belching, flatulence, and constipation will disappear from your life along with the extra pounds. Replace regular wheat bread with flour products made from whole grain, rye flour with bran, and you will get b, E, K vitamins, zinc, selenium, chromium, manganese, magnesium, and dietary fiber.


From alcohol. In addition to the fact that it is a toxin that damages the cells of our body, and especially the sensitive cells of the hair follicle, alcohol is also extremely caloric. Allow yourself only a glass of dry red wine several times a week — so you do not harm yourself, but rather replenish the body with fructose, vitamins B1, B2, C, organic acids, iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.


From overeating. It is best for the healthy functioning of the body — a stable balanced diet. Try to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger — the brain will receive a signal about saturation only 20 minutes after you finish your meal. However, if you still visited the feast and ate too much, do not torture yourself with fasting days. So you will make the body experience stress, which will not benefit either the metabolism or the hair. Just eat as usual and drink more water.

Basic hair care
hair loss weight loss

If your curls have suffered from hair loss weight loss, then, in addition to normalizing the diet, you will need special care for them. Hair after a diet-weakened, often damaged, so your task is not to injure them even more, and, if possible, to strengthen and strengthen.

In the morning and evening, gently comb the strands with a comb or massage brush. Start to comb your hair from the tips to the roots, gradually untangling the curls. The procedure will increase blood circulation in the scalp, help the fat mantle to be evenly distributed along the entire length of the curls.

Massage your scalp several times a week. Use special massagers, applicators, or your own hand. Gently massage from the temples to the back of the head. Increased blood circulation in the scalp is the key to good nutrition of hair follicles and intensive hair growth.

During hair loss and weight loss due to diet or other reasons, you can not do chemical hair Curling, straightening, discoloration or staining. It is necessary to refrain from tight hairstyles, complex styling. Give your curls more freedom.

Money saved during the diet (on cakes, ice cream, alcohol, etc.) it is worth spending on hair cosmetics. It should be of high quality, without aggressive elements, enriched with natural extracts and vitamins. The main rule — the shampoo must match your scalp type, balms, conditioners-the type of hair length.

Important! Carefully read the label on cosmetics: look for ingredients that will support the protective shell of the hair, i.e. lipids and keratin. The first can be specified as oils, phospholipids, ceramides, linoleic or linolenic acids; the second-chitosan, proteins, Dimethazone or cyclomethycaine, keratin itself.


Tune in to the fact that self — care, moderation at the table and healthy food is for life. Then your health will be in order from head to toe, and you will become a permanent owner of chic shapes, thick hair and a great mood!

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