Hair Loss Cure 2020: Dermaroller for Hair Loss, Dermaroller Reviews

Does the derma roller help with hair loss, and how can it be used effectively with oils at home?

It is normal for an adult to lose about 100 of the approximately 100,000 hairs they have each day, this is a natural loss. During the natural cycle of hair growth, these falling out hairs are constantly replaced with new ones. Because of the constant regrowth, you are unlikely to notice this. And in situations where you begin to notice thinning hair or increased loss, you can use a special tool that will help you improve the hair growth cycle. Keep reading and we’ll explain how you can use a dermaroller for hair growth.

Men and women can lose their hair due to stress, thyroid disease, genetics, anemia, and low vitamin levels. When you notice thinning or baldness, it is important to consult your doctor, as these symptoms may be associated with a more serious problem.

Best Dermaroller: how to choose and buy correctly

Despite its simplicity, this tool has many specific features and varieties. The price of the mesoroller depends on them, as well as on the materials used and other characteristics, which may differ significantly depending on the model. To choose a really high-quality tool and not overpay, you should consider the following recommendations:

  • needle material – it is better to choose a derma roller for hair growth with needles made of titanium or medical steel;
  • if the skin is prone to inflammation and allergic reactions, then a roller with gold-or silver-plated needles will suit you;
  • needle size – to use the derma roller and Minoxidil together, choose a tool with needles 1-2 mm long;
  • the possibility of replacing the needle roller – over time, the needles become blunt, the effectiveness of skin treatment will decrease, and there will be a pain. In this case, you should replace the roller or buy a new tool.

Dermaroller for hair, dermarolling hair loss: Do they work?

dermaroller for hair regrowth

Remember the cycle of hair loss and replacement that we discussed earlier? Hair loss occurs when part of their cycle has been disrupted. During this time, the hair follicles are usually replaced by scar tissue. And as a result, you see areas with baldness in this place. Again, the reasons vary. And you should see a doctor at the first sign of significant hair loss.

Derma roller skin treatment is a popular procedure today, which is called microneedle treatment, skin needles, or collagen induction therapy. Just as the length of the needles on the theme videos varies, the number of needles also varies, depending on the brand and use of the tool (for example, for procedures on the face, other characteristics of the needles are used). You can find a variety of options for derma rollers, where the number of needles can vary from 90 to 540.

During treatment, you treat the scalp with a derma roller to make tiny punctures on its surface. If you are particularly sensitive in the treated area of the skin, you can cover the skin with a thin piece of cloth, but note that too thick a cloth will reduce the effect and reduce the results of the procedure.

Micro-pricking of the scalp with a derma roller causes an increase in the synthesis of collagen in this place, an increase in the production of new cells, which contributes to the growth of new hair. In addition, blood circulation to the scalp will increase, and therefore, the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles will increase. All this will help you grow healthy hair.

Derma roller for hair loss: how to use it

It sounds simple-run a dermaroller over the scalp to stimulate hair growth. But that’s not all. Before using any dermaroller, you need to read the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

As a rule, the manufacturer recommends that you slightly wet and comb your hair before using the dermaroller to prevent hair tangling. Instead of water, you can use oils or medicinal products, such as Minoxidil. Divide the hair by parting, and gently pressing the roller on the skin, move it back and forth 3-4 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

You can perform micro-acupuncture once a week or once every two weeks without causing too much damage to the scalp. If you use micro-needles on a large area of skin, do it once every two weeks. Listen to your body and do only what it can bear, no need to force yourself to endure pain. If you are bleeding, you may be applying too much pressure or you may need a smaller needle.

Redness and slight soreness on the treated area of the scalp are normal for up to 24 hours after using the derma roller. Always follow the instructions on the packaging for safety and results. You should notice an improvement in hair growth at least a month after the start of microneedle treatment.

Derma roller hair loss: use with essential oil

Derma rollers are great on their own, but your hair will look even better when you add essential oils to your treatment. Since there are many products on the market that do not fulfill their promises to help hair become better, we have compiled a list of essential oils that have been proven to improve the condition of the scalp, and allow hair to grow longer and thicker.

Lavender oil for hair
how to make lavender oil

Lavender oil is antimicrobial, which means it can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in the hair and scalp. It can also stop itching and dandruff. And, of course, lavender oil stimulates hair growth. During a study on mice in 2016, oil penetrating the skin made their hair thicker than before. It is also known that lavender essential oil helps to treat hair loss for alopecia.

Organic rosemary oil
how to use rosemary oil for hair

If you refuse to use oils because your hair becomes too greasy, then rosemary oil is just right for you. It slows down the sebaceous glands (the glands that secrete oil) and clears their clogged pores, which can cause acne and itching. The antioxidants in rosemary oil also slow down the graying process, dilute and help blood circulate in the scalp to grow healthy hair.

Peppermint oil for hair
peppermint oil for hair

If you suffer from dry, itchy skin or dandruff, peppermint oil will be your salvation. It naturally cleanses the scalp and opens clogged pores. The action of this oil also makes it easier for the scalp to absorb other essential oils, such as coconut, to increase the level of skin hydration.

In addition, peppermint oil promotes hair growth by improving blood flow to the scalp and awakening hair follicles.

Best coconut oil for hair
how to get coconut oil out of hair

Coconut oil contains a lot of useful fats, vitamins and antioxidants that your hair needs to tame hard curly hair and prevent split ends. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties soothe the scalp with inflammation, psoriasis, dandruff, and severe itching. A great bonus – if you spend a lot of time outside, the oil works as a sunscreen, and also protects your hair from the sun’s rays.


You can use any of these essential oils alone or in pairs, creating your own oil blends. Before you start using the derma roller, apply the oil to your scalp. Then use microneedles to gently RUB the oil into the skin using the special movements indicated in the instructions for the tool. You should finish the procedure in 10-15 minutes.

Derma roller for hair loss: Contraindications

  • You can not use the derma roller for people under 18 years of age,
  • it is not recommended to use the device during pregnancy and lactation,
  • patients with hemophilia,
  • during the reception of anticoagulants,
  • diseases of the scalp: fungal and viral infections, ulcers, psoriasis, eczema,
  • the presence of large moles,
  • the derma roller is an individual item, in no case let anyone use it.

Dermaroller for hair growth: expert opinions and user dermaroller reviews

The use of derma roller and Minoxidil certainly helps in the fight against androgenic alopecia or, simply put, baldness. The effectiveness is confirmed by numerous studies, as well as practical experience in their use. However, the effectiveness will depend directly on a whole range of individual nuances:

  • The quality of the instrument is a cheap Chinese derma roller are often of poor quality needles that quickly get blunt and bent. As a result, the skin is injured, which makes the use of Minoxidil impossible.
  • Needle length – a common mistake is to choose a mesoroller with too long needles. Many people think that the deeper the punctures are, the more effective will be the treatment of baldness with Minoxidil. The skin on the head is quite thin, so the optimal choice for using Minoxidil and roller will be needles 1.5 mm long.
  • Exclusively personal use – each derma roller should only be used by one person.

In General, as the results of practical application show, Minoxidil and needle rollers really have an excellent therapeutic effect on the hair of the head. The process of new hair growth is activated, the nutrition of the follicle is improved, and the still dormant hair follicles are awakened.

The most important condition for achieving the desired result is compliance with the recommended duration of the course. You need to be prepared for the fact that hair growth will occur non-linearly:

  • at the first stage, an active hair fall is possible – this indicates that the hair follicles are actively getting rid of weak hairs;
  • this is followed by a period of active growth;
  • after 1.5-2 months of use, progress may stop and even roll back a little – this reaction is quite normal, at this time you need to continue using Minoxidil. In this case, intensive hair growth will soon resume.

The main thing is to tune in to the desired result and just follow the systematic therapy. In this case, a decent result will not be long in coming!

Using simultaneously mesoroller and Minoxidil for the head, you increase the effectiveness of absorption of active substances into the skin by 400 times. This not only allows you to achieve the desired results faster, but also reduces your costs – the drug practically does not evaporate; therefore, you can achieve the desired effect with less of it.

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