Midwife and Doula: Differences and choices

Difference between Doula and Midwife

Each new mother needs some assistance. Luckily, there are two kinds of specialists who can enable an eager mother to make the change from pregnancy to parenthood: doulas and birthing assistants.

While a great many people think they have comparative capacities, doulas and birthing assistants really have distinctive preparing, obligations, and affirmations. Peruse on to realize what the significant contrasts are between the two. Difference between midwife and doctor.

Doula nurse, what is she doing?
Doula nurse

Doula is usually perceived as a good friend of a woman in labor. From the Greek, “doula” is translated as a servant for a woman. The meeting with doula takes place a long time before the birth, during this time you will learn all the answers to your questions, plan the pregnancy process. There are two types of doula: generic and postpartum. Doula Miami.

  • Doula birth

The main task of the birth Daula is always to be with the expectant mother, offering not medical breathing techniques, massage, and assistance in moving the body. Birth doula salary.

Doula must also provide emotional connection and support. No matter how you give birth, with the presence of doula, you should feel safe and in good strength. It will also help you in dealing with natural childbirth or with medication.

Doula can be a useful part of your birthing team. Doula will help you overcome fear and calm down if there is an unplanned caesarean section.

As many studies have shown, many expectant mothers refuse medicine and increasingly seek help from Daula. Special attention should be paid to the fact that doula is not a substitute for a doctor, since they do not have the same ratio of medical training.

  • Postpartum doula

Postpartum doula are assistants to the mother to recover after childbirth, they take care of the child and closely monitor the feeding process. Doula are very useful if the family already has children. What is a doula salary.

Postpartum doula certification

Postpartum doula training. There are a lot of Doula that have not passed the certification procedure.  If it has passed, then usually such training includes assistance with the appearance of the baby and didactic training. Mandatory certification is not required in all countries and States.

It is important to understand that if your “friend” is not certified, then her duties are controversial in medicine, and as a rule they should not be part of the birth of a baby.


How to find a Midwife. Her duty
How to find a Midwife

Compared to as a doula, a midwife is a specialist in the field of medicine. Midwives can be both women and men, and they have a large role in the process of giving birth to a baby. Many midwives are certified physicians, and many are already bachelors with special training. In the United States, certification and graduate studies are considered a good way to go. How much is a midwife.

Midwives-can do many things that doctors do, for example:

  • provide care before childbirth
  • conduct a gynecological examination
  • if necessary, then enter an anesthetic
  • use special devices to monitor the fetus
  • have a warrant for an epidural
  • allow the baby to give birth vaginally
  • resuscitate the baby

and so on.

Very often, after childbirth, women open bleeding, or there are complications, the midwife can cope with this situation. Midwives who have diplomas can work in any medical institution or at home. Became a midwife.

Midwife certification

Another name for midwife. The midwife is subject to the same rules as Doula, and certification depends entirely on the country and state. According to the world organization of midwives, she must be licensed or registered in the country where she works. Midwives must complete training and experience under supervision before receiving a certificate.

In USA, birthing assistants are affirmed through the North American register of maternity specialists and the American Board of birthing specialist’s affirmation. Certified nurse midwife salary.

Numerous birthing assistants in the United States are likewise enrolled attendants. They are called guaranteed nurture birthing assistants (CNM) and have a four-year certification from an authorize establishment, just as a testament from the American College of nursing maternity specialists.

Birthing specialists are commonly ensured as global confirmed lactation experts with cutting edge information on the breastfeeding procedure.

What qualities should I pay attention to?

Doula midwife. The most significant part of a maternity specialist or doula is the means by which they communicate with mother. Discover somebody who advocates firmly for you, and who regards your suppositions and perspectives on pregnancy and the birthing procedure. This is key when you’re framing a bond.

Experience is another significant factor. Doulas and maternity specialists with more long stretches of understanding and births under their belts are typically the best. Getting a proposal from a companion or relative who has utilized a birthing assistant or doula nurse can assist you with finding a proficient and experienced individual.

Find a midwife. Should you discover a birthing specialist or doula from an online help, request references from different moms and do your own exploration. Likewise, request to see the testaments they got toward the finish of their preparation and their permit to rehearse in the event that they’re attendants.

Midwife Doula. Do I have to choose?

What is the difference between a midwife and a doula. In this case, you can have both a Doula and a midwife. If you decide to give birth at home, it is best to have a midwife, as she has medical experience and in case of an unexpected problem can solve it, and she can also see some problems before giving birth and prevent it.

Doula nurse will not be able to give you anesthesia or relieve pain, so if this is important to you, then the choice is obvious. If you also have a doula, this is good, because with it you will get support and it will be easier for you emotionally.

In any case, you should talk to your doctor and family and make a decision together.


Thank you for your attention, all easy deliveries and healthy babies ❤

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