Pilates for Diastasis Recti. What you Need to Know

After the birth of a baby, a woman’s form does not look like it was before, and therefore many women dream of putting the form in order. Women face such a problem as a tummy, although they perform physical activities and look after the food. They don’t understand why this is happening, or what they are doing wrong. Perhaps this condition is caused by the presence of diastasis of the abdominal muscles. Next, we will examine this topic in more detail.

The rectus abdominis muscles are associated with ligament strands. The last are gathered in a pack. Not at all like all muscles that are dull in shading, this spot is light and it is known as the white line of the peritoneum. At the point when the tendon grows and the muscles veer on the sides, this incites diastasis. What incites this state? (physiotherapy for diastasis recti)

During growth, a hormone called relaxin is effectively delivered in a lady’s body. It is he who is answerable for what’s going on. This hormone assists with relaxing the muscles, it makes the pelvic joints and tendons powerless, builds their flexibility and portability. diastasis recti test

‘No one is immune from diastasis. It can develop in any woman, especially in the risk group, those who are about to have a second (third, and so on) birth, women who are carrying a large fetus or with polyhydramnios’

If you are not pregnant, some factors can cause the development of diastasis in women:

  • a congenital weak abdominal ligament
  • a decrease in muscle tone
  • due to a sharp decrease or weight gain
  • a long cough after the birth of a baby
  • incorrectly selected physical activity.

How to check for diastasis recti

Diastasis recti workout
  1. You should lie on a flat surface, with your legs bent at the knees, and keep your feet on the floor
  2. Put your right hand (hand) behind your head, leaving your stomach in a slightly strained state
  3. With the second hand, find a place along the middle line (in the middle of the abdominal cavity)
  4. If there is a problem, you can feel how the muscles diverge along the line (it looks like a long pit)
  5. when you raise your head at the site of the pit, you can see a slight protrusion.

‘Perhaps the most important sign by which we determine this problem is a larger belly 1-2 months after the birth of a child if a woman monitors nutrition and is engaged in physical activity’


How to fix diastasis recti

The most important thing is that we should know that diastasis is a pathology that will not disappear itself, even after a while. The solution to this problem depends only on how much the abdominal muscles have diverged.

How to correct diastasis recti

If the situation is difficult, in this case, you can not do it without intervention. There are 3 degrees of this pathology, which can be determined based on the following classification:

Stage 1-the white line diverges in the navel area (slightly) – This problem occurs after giving birth to 1 child and almost does not affect the shape of the abdomen.

Stage 2:

1) the white line diverges at the bottom, and the side muscles relax. In this case, the stomach changes its shape and noticeable bulges at the bottom

2) the muscles diverge both in the lower part and in the upper part. The stomach, in this case, is saggy, and ugly, umbilical hernias may also appear.

Stage 3-the muscles diverge throughout the abdomen-the upper and lower abdomen suffer.  The abdomen becomes very saggy and very ugly, and umbilical hernias may also be present. At this stage, an operation is required.

Pilates for diastasis recti. Exercises for diastasis recti separation of abdominal muscles

So, let’s look at the appropriate type of activity when this problem is detected. Pilates-very well strengthens the desired area in our case, and at the same time does not provide for strong physical activity. Pilates is also shown to women who have back problems after the birth of a child.

Consider a set of simple but effective exercises: 

  1. Lie on a flat surface, bend your knees. Slowly lift the pelvis off the floor, lift it and hold it.  The head stretches forward, and the coccyx is up. Breathing is calm, the press is not strained.

    physical therapy for diastases recti
  2. Stand in the cat position: on four legs with outstretched arms. Take a breath-lower and round your back. Exhale-return to the starting position. To relax.

    diastasis recti physical therapy
  3. The position of “cat”. Exhale-the leg straightens and stays parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight, without deflection. The toe reaches in. The foot is tense. If it is easy, you can pull the opposite hand to make it heavier.

    diastasis recti exercises physical therapy
  4. Lie down on a flat surface on your side. The elbow rests on the floor. Bend your other arm and place it on your waist. Raise the body so that there is a straight line from head to toe. We linger in this position and relax. We do the same with the reverse side. (diastases recti physical therapy).

    diastesis recti workout
  5. Exercise bike: Make a light version, where the movements are slow and uniform. Straighten your legs completely, straining the transverse muscle.healthlifevs.com


 “Be careful! It is forbidden to pump the rectus abdominis muscles, as you can aggravate your problem. It is not necessary to perform loads in which you need to lift the lower part of the body”

Diastasis recti surgery healthlifevs.com


Surgery only applies to severe cases, its essence is to remove the diastatic space and make the walls of your abdomen strong. The effect of this intervention is twofold: cosmetic and functional. Surgery is rarely performed, as in some cases it can cause complications. (can diastasis recti be fixed without surgery)

Half of the women after childbirth are familiar with this problem, but not all need surgery. Violation can be corrected by exercises, and do not forget about regularity. The sooner you start, the sooner you will notice the result.

Keep in mind that when leaving fat deposits, the abdomen and circumference decreases, so, first of all you need to lose weight.

When can I do these exercises?

Fix diastasis recti
Everything is individual. You can start after a couple of months after birth. How much time and effort it takes to fix this problem depends on the degree of complexity. If it occurs in a mild form, the muscles come back to normal on their own. If you stick to a good diet, remove bad habits, you will have to wait about 2-3 months. Some stages may require more time from 6 months or more.
Therefore, in such cases, we just work and do not lose heart.


Thanks for your attention!
All the beautiful bellies and good health to you and your kids❤

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