Running 30 minutes a Day, Trail Running for Beginners. 10-Week Plan

If you are the kind of person who wants to start running but does not know where to start, then this article is completely for you. This plan is designed for interval running and Jogging to gradually come in 30 minutes of running without stopping (types of jogging). Running is something that every person who cares about their appearance and health should love. Running increases your metabolism (running for overweight beginners), improves your cardiovascular system, and more. Let’s start running 30 minutes a day, studying our plan for 10 weeks, let’s go! Bellevue college running start.

Before you run, you need know running rules

  • Set for running

There are a lot of different things for running on the store shelves now, but you don’t look at everything, you don’t need it, you just need comfortable, pulling clothes and lungs and comfortable sneakers, well, your mood. Jog machine

  • Choice of shoes. Running shoes for beginners
shoes for running

Each person chooses how much to spend on comfortable sneakers, but I will say one thing, if you are new to running, you can first buy cheaper shoes. I will explain why, since you will be running for the first time, you should choose a place to run, it can be a mountainous area or a flat surface, for this you will need different sneakers (for example, with or without cushioning). But if you still want to buy a good option right away, then contact the nearest specialty store and choose a good Shoe for yourself.

  • Choice of clothes. Running clothes for women, running clothes for men
types of jogging

winter running clothes

 In order to feel comfortable, take things that stretch and do not fit. Also, do not forget about socks, socks are very good protection from corns. If you run in the morning or evening, take care of clothing that is reflective.

  • Start running for the first time.

how to start running when out of shape

Many people go out for a run and feel shy because you think that all the people around you are looking only at you. But this is not the case, believe me, every person has their own thoughts and problems in their head, they are definitely not up to you. So do not worry about it, because you do not do anything wrong, you are just the person who takes care of your health and beauty of the body, and this is above all!

Treadmill running vs street running for beginners

Treadmill workout for beginners. Running on the street can be replaced by running on a treadmill, but will the same result be achieved? bull city running. Definitely not, since most street roads have a descent or Vice versa rise, which is better for your physical activity, and do not forget about the air. Of course, if you cannot run on the street, then, in this case, the treadmill will be just right, but then install the program so that you run not only in a straight line.

What to do before and after your run. And a few more important points:

Before running:

Do not stretch Before running, as your body is not yet warm, and you may get a stretch. Be sure to do a warm-up before you start running to warm up your body before running. The warm-up should last at least 5 minutes.

After a run:

Do not stop immediately after a run, you need to walk a little to cool down and adjust your breathing. When your heart rate returns to normal, stretch your entire body.

Stretching will set your heart rate and stretch your muscles to ease muscle tension and ease their soreness the next day.

Consider a running plan for beginners, designed for 10 weeks, starting. Hiit running plan

best running apps for beginners

best music device for running, best music player for running

Turn on our workout playlist and get started

Fit for 10

  • 1 Week

Repeat this exercise every two days, so that one day is running, the second day is resting (light jog)

Ran 1 minute, then 2 minutes passed to step (without stopping), and then 6 laps.

In total, your training will take about 20 minutes.

  • 2 Week

The same as in the first week, only running increases from 1 minute to 1.30 minutes.

  • 3 Week

Make a day – run, a day at leisure. Choose one of the options according to your health.

Option 1: Running for 2 minutes, walking 1.30 minutes, Repeat the circle 6 times.

Option 2: Running for 3 minutes, walking 1.30 minutes, Repeat the circle 5 times.

  • 4 Week

Day-running, day-rest. Select one of the options.

1 Option do 2 times, regularly 5*2=10 circles

2 Option do 1 time, regularly 4*2=8 circles.

Option 1: Run for 3 minutes, walk for 1.30 minutes, repeat 10 laps.

Option 2: Run for 4 minutes, walk for 2 minutes, repeat 8 laps.

  • 5 Week

Increasing the running time. The same thing, 1 day-running, 1 day-rest. Complete all 3 stages in order.

Stage 1: Running 4 minutes, walking 2 minutes, performing 5 laps.

Stage 2: Running-5 minutes, walking-2 minutes, perform 3 laps.

Stage 3: Running-5 minutes, walking-2 minutes, perform 4 laps.

  • 6 Week

Now you can safely run 5 minutes at a time, but if it’s still hard, repeat for 5 weeks.

Stage 1: Running-6 minutes, walking-2 minutes, repeat the circle 3 times. Stage 2: Running-6 minutes, walking-2 minutes, repeat the circle 4 times. Stage 3: Running-7 minutes, walking-2 minutes, repeat the circle 2 times.

  • 7 Week

If there are no forces increase running, then repeat week 6. If you are ready to start:

Stage 1: Running-8 minutes, walking-2 minutes, repeat the circle 3 times. Stage 2: Running-8 minutes, walking-2 minutes, repeat the circle 4 times. Stage 3: Running-9 minutes, walking-2 minutes, repeat the circle 3 times.

  • 8 Week 

Stage 1: Running-8 minutes, walking-2 minutes; running-9 minutes, walking-2 minutes, running-8 minutes, walking-2 minutes.

Stage 2: Run 9 minutes, walk 2 minutes, run 10 minutes, walk 2 minutes, run 8 minutes, walk 2 minutes.

Stage 3: Running-10 minutes, walking-2 minutes, and 3 laps.

  • 9 Week

I hope now you can easily overcome a 10-minute run. We develop endurance further.

Stage 1: Running-12 minutes, walking-3 minutes, repeat the circle 2 times. Stage 2: Running-15 minutes, walking-3 minutes; running-10 minutes, walking-2 minutes.

Stage 3: Run-15 minutes, walk-3 minutes, run -12 minutes, cool down.

  • 10 Week 

If you are not ready for a 30-minute run, repeat the previous weeks. Final week.

Stage 1: Running for 20 minutes, walking at a slow pace for 2 minutes.

Stage 2: Running – 25-30 minutes, try to hold out until the end.


I wish you good health, vigor, and excellent physical shape ❤



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