Skin Care for Oily Skin. The best Tips for Caring

Shockingly, the issue of oily skin is commonplace to numerous young ladies. It is portrayed by extreme work of the sebaceous organs, which prompts the development of comedones, skin break out, and even sores of the sebaceous organs. Today we will figure out how to think about oily skin effectively. Oily skin type is described by an unfortunate shade, lopsided surface and over the top Shine. oily skin routine. The most well-known regions of the face with oily skin are the alleged T-zone: the temple, nose, and jaw. Oily skin looks lustrous, excessively glossy, and very dull.

How to treat oily skin. Of the positive characteristics of oily skin, it very well may be noticed that it is generally secured and less touchy to the negative impact of normal components. It is nearly not liable to photoaging, and wrinkles on such skin show up a lot later than in dry or ordinary skin.

Best skin care for oily skin:


1. Face cleanser for oily skin

Face cleanser for oily skin

In this case, it is best to clean the skin 2-3 times a day, in order to control the release of oil, since not cleaned skin leads to acne, and there is a blockage of the pores. Facewash for oily skin. The best cleaning products are those that are based on gel or foam, and it is also very important to choose a product that does not contain oils. You can also use a special soap for treatment, but do not use it too often, as this can deprive your skin of moisture, and after that, the sebaceous glands will release more fat.  Choose a product that will contain natural ingredients and a small amount, such as tea tree oil, natural honey, salicylic acid, and others.

2. Skin scrubbing

diy face scrub for oily skin

Scrubbing is best done 2 times a week. If you do not do scrubbing, it provokes the appearance of dead cells, they do not allow your skin to breathe, thus after there are acne, acne, becomes a bad complexion, and so on. diy face scrub for oily skin. Therefore, if you do not scrub your face, be sure to add this item to your care, in order to clear your skin of dead cells. homemade face scrub for oily skin. Please note that your scrub should not be very hard, choose scrubs where the particles are small and delicate, which will not make micro-scratches on your face.

3. Face mask for oily skin

Face mask for oily skin

Best facial cleanser for oily skin.  A very important point after scribing the skin is to apply a mask or a good moisturizer. Choose masks that contain bentonite clay, sandalwood, Multani Mitty clay, as they absorb sebum well.

You can prepare a very good face mask at home. essential oils for oily skin

Option 1:

Best facial cleanser for oily skin

To do this, you will need: Ripe papaya, half a lemon.

  • Remove the pulp from the papaya, add the lemon juice to it, stir
  • apply the mixture to the cleansed face, massage, and leave for 10-20 minutes
  • rinse with warm water

Option 2:

oily dehydrated skin

To do this, you will need: Apple, natural honey

  • Cut the apple into thin slices and add honey to it, mix well
  • Clean the face, apply the mixture on the face, leave for 15-25 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water.

These masks tighten the skin well, moisturize it, and control the Shine.

4. Toners for oily skin

Toners for oily skin

Good foundation for oily skin. If you tone your skin every day, it will help you get rid of excess fat and remove dirt from your face. However, choose a tonic without alcohol, if you find a tonic with rose water, take it, it is very good for oily skin.

5. Humidification

best face moisturizer for oily skin

Never forget to moisturize your skin. If the skin does not get enough moisture (homemade moisturizer for oily skin), it begins to secrete a lot of sebaceous glands. Therefore, choose a good moisturizer based on which there will be no oil, but will be water-based.

6. Sunscreen for oily skin

Sunscreen for oily skin

Best summer foundation for oily skin. Many women because of the presence of oily skin do not apply sunscreen in vain, as this causes the appearance of freckles, age spots, and burns. It is best to use a gel-based cream, as it will not be greasy and will make your face matte and without Shine. It is also very important to avoid bad eating habits, drink a lot of liquid throughout the day, this will help eliminate toxins.


Tips for oily skin makeup:

oily skin makeup

We have reviewed the most important rules for the beauty of oily skin, now let’s see how to apply makeup correctly. face wash for oily sensitive skin

Before you start applying makeup to your face, you should use a primers for oily skin (best primers for oily skin) that is suitable for your skin type, this will serve as a moisturizing makeup base. The Foundation is also good because it will keep the makeup longer since the Foundation absorbs the fat that is released by the pores. After applying the Foundation, apply a tonal Foundation to help you even out your complexion and hide some imperfections.

In this case, makeup will look better on oily skin if it includes a minimum number of products. Choose a Foundation that is not oil-based, it is better to choose one that contains water in the base.  Apply all products only with clean hands and fingertips.

When you are done applying the Foundation and Foundation, let it all soak in and wait for about 5-10 minutes. After that, you can use the powder, choose a powder (face powder for oily skin) that does not contain flickering particles, as it is not beautiful for everyday makeup. Apply the powder best on the forehead, nose bridge, as these areas quickly get fat compared to other parts of the face.

If this makeup is not enough for you, you can apply shadows and emphasize your cheekbones with a blush. Choose these products based on powder, as it is best for oily skin type. best cc cream for oily skin

After you finish your makeup, take a spray to fix the makeup and spray it on your face. This will help you fix your makeup for a longer time. In case your skin starts to get greasy, buy oiled sheets that you can attach to the problem area and it will absorb the fat. best pore minimizing products for oily skin

Well, that’s all, easy and beautiful makeup for everyday life is ready. Stick to these easy rules, let your skin breathe more and it will certainly thank you.


Thank you for your attention, beauty, and health❤

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