The Wonderful World of Pilates

The historical backdrop of this arrangement of preparing starts with the tale of a kid who, from a kid with asthma, rickets, and stiffness, transformed into a youngster with immaculate extents, and at 14 years old previously postured for craftsmen. The kid’s name was Joseph Pilates, and the preparation framework he made was named after him. She reestablished wellbeing first to him, and afterward to a great many others.

What is Pilates training?

Pilates classes include a series of exercises that go in a certain order one after the other. Movements are performed softly, replaced smoothly. Work on the muscles is performed with extreme concentration and deep breathing. In Pilates work with their weight, and with the help of special equipment.

Types of pilates

There are three types of Pilates:

  • Pilates Mat-exercises for beginners on the floor without special equipment.
  • Exercises on the floor with special equipment: balls, isotonic rings, elastic bands, pilates foam roller
  • Pilates on special equipment: the reformer, cadillac, arch

Advantages total body pilates

The effect of regular Pilates training is there: a slim, flexible body with excellent coordination and without strong muscles. Pilates tightens and makes the stomach flat, aligns posture and relieves back pain, lowers the shoulders and lengthens the neck.

Here are some of its advantages:

  • Due to constant tension and retraction of the abdomen, deep muscles are worked out, which makes the stomach flat and attractive.
  • Increases flexibility and mobility of the joints.
  • perfect posture pilates
  • The spine is aligned, back pain is relieved.
  • Exercise helps speed up your metabolism, which allows you to spend calories in everyday life.
  • Deep breathing in Pilates improves the cardiovascular system, increases lung volume and blood circulation.
  • Passes stress and tension.
  • The state of internal organs is improved and all body systems are improved.

How many calories does pilates burn?

Many people are interested in calorie consumption in Pilates. But there is no single answer to it and will not be, you can only give approximate numbers-about 200-250 calories per hour.

What affects calorie consumption:

  • The weight of a person.
  • Percentage of muscle mass.
  • Training intensity.
  • Training
  • Mindest
  • Metabolism

Pilates for men

Pilates for men

With regular Pilates classes, you can improve your gait and coordination. It improves posture, strengthens the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

Many men suffer from hypertension. High blood pressure leads to headaches, bad mood. Regular exercise helps reduce blood pressure. Also, they contribute to weight loss, excess of which often leads to hypertension and other unpleasant consequences for the human body.

It should be noted that Pilates for men is suitable for absolutely different levels of physical fitness. Of course, depending on the strength and endurance of a person, the exercises vary, but even if you are over 50 years old, you suffer from back and joint pain, Pilates helps to cope with these ailments, and the pain goes away over time.

Pilates for pregnancy

Pilates for pregnancy

Benefits of Pilates for pregnancy:

  • strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal wall muscles, which facilitates the process of carrying a child and subsequent childbirth;
  • there is a training of the spinal muscles simultaneously with the unloading of the spine, reducing back pain;
  • increases lymph and blood circulation, which helps to reduce swelling, prevents the development of varicose veins;
  • improves the function of intestines, eliminates constipation;
  • proper breathing is produced: it helps to relax, improves the health of a pregnant woman, and in the future, during childbirth, facilitates the flow of contractions;
  • improves psycho-emotional state;
  • reduces the risk of uterine hypertonicity;
  • develops a sense of balance, improves control over movements, a woman quickly adapts to the changes that occur when the center of gravity gradually shifts due to the growing belly.

Contraindications to Pilates classes

In Pilates classes, the exercises are performed slowly, smoothly, and steadily. There are no shock loads, so the risk of injury is minimal. But any exercise system is performed with fairly strong muscle tension, especially the press and buttocks. This may not be safe for a pregnant woman. Therefore, before starting training, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Contraindications to Pilates classes:

  • diseases of the heart, blood vessels, lungs;
  • problems with joints and spine;
  • not cured the tearing/stretching of muscles, ligaments, tendons;
  • presence of inflammatory processes in the body;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • increased body temperature;
  • risk of bleeding, placenta previa, etc.

Pilates classes are contraindicated in the threat of miscarriage, increased uterine tone, changes in blood pressure, severe toxicosis, bloody discharge. It is not recommended to load the body with strength exercises if there is a pathological weight gain, as well as if a woman has not previously engaged in Pilates and is not in the best physical shape. For beginners, any unusual physical activity is strong stress that can cause undesirable consequences.

Pilates for seniors

Pilates for seniors

Do not forget about feasible physical activity should be old. However, age-related people need a competent, well-thought-out approach, which assumes both a careful attitude to their body and sufficient load to maintain flexibility, endurance, and mobility. Thus, safety and efficiency are the main principles of training.

What is good about Pilates for seniors?

  • if the technique is followed, the risk of injury is minimized;
  • no sudden movements, jerks, high-intensity movements;
  • during training, many parts of the body are “worked out” ;
  • no additional equipment is required for classes;
  • easy psychotherapeutic effect of training-exercises require mental concentration, awareness of actions, distract from negative thoughts;
  • focus on proper breathing;
  • excellent “pull-up” effect without heavy loads;
  • regular training improves coordination, creates a beautiful posture, and increases flexibility.

It is highly desirable to coordinate the exercises of the training course with a doctor and a specialist in physical therapy. You can perform a set of exercises first under the supervision of an instructor, and then at home or in the fresh air.


It is necessary to refuse from occupations at serious chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, etc.in such cases the question solves individually, and it is possible to connect specially picked up sparing occupations taking into account a problem in each specific case.

Postpone classes should be in acute inflammatory diseases, fever, and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

It is also impossible to overestimate the benefits of classes and during rehabilitation after various diseases and surgical interventions.

Each of us had a question-what to do if your back hurts?

Pilates for back pain

Pilates for back pain

According to statistics, more than 90% of people on the planet suffer from back pain. Modern medicine offers a huge number of ways to solve this problem: from physiotherapy to surgery. What can Pilates offer for people with back pain? If we can through the motion to alleviate pain and restore health?

To do this, at the initial stage, we diagnose movements and identify those movements that can be potentially dangerous for your spine.

That would be clearer briefly reveal the essence of healthy spine movement. A little remember the anatomy: the spine has a spinal canal inside which passes the spinal cord and through special holes come out nerve roots, which will go further to all organs and all parts of the body.

Now imagine what happens when you move, for example, bend and unbend in the back. The shell of the spinal cord also bends and unbends. In a person with back pain, there are blocked segments in which movement is limited or not at all, this causes excessive movement in other segments (compensation), the nervous system perceives this movement as dangerous for the nerve roots and sends a spasm to the muscles surrounding this segment. From constant tension in these muscles accumulate metabolic products, there is swelling and chronic pain. Most often, the attention of doctors is attracted to this place, where there is pain, but not in our work. We look in General at the movement of the spine and first of all look for blocked segments.

Our task is to return these segments to the ability to move and further teach you to perform spine movements without compensation. If the excessive movements disappear, the nervous system will no longer defend itself and send a spasm to the surrounding muscles, which means that the pain will disappear! This is how Pilates will help you cope with chronic back pain and return to your favorite activities, such as your favorite dance classes or yoga!

Pilates for scoliosis

If you are diagnosed with scoliosis, you will most likely have to say goodbye to bodybuilding, weightlifting, skiing, football, hockey, as they create a strong load on the spine. Well, it’s time to start a new one-to get acquainted with Pilates, which will serve your spine good service!

In scoliosis, Pilates is not only completely safe but also useful. It will not harm the curved vertebrae because of its smooth and soft movements, will not limit you in age or weight, and will not require good physical training. But it will reduce the curvature of the spine, relieve muscle tension and, as a result, pain.

Pilates is indicated for scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees, but even with the third degree is not forbidden to do it with the approval of the doctor. Of course, in this situation, it is better to choose individual training with a coach. Pilates will not be contraindicated in osteoporosis, arthrosis, injuries, and even in intervertebral hernias.

So that your Pilates coach can find the perfect set of exercises for you, grab an extract from your medical history for the start training.

And finally, a little training for you. Pleasant viewing and easy execution

Pilates ring exercises

Thank you for your attention, Be healthy♥


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