Types of Belly Fat. 11 Mistakes you Make when Trying to Get Rid of Fat

There are many reasons why we believe that belly fat is very stubborn. Fat cells that gather around the abdomen are called “beta fat”, these are cells that are very difficult to get rid of. Many people go on diets, exercise every day, and do not see results, so you should consider all sorts of reasons for the problem.

In this article, you will find answers to questions such as: How long does it take to lose belly fat, how to lose upper belly fat and more other

Before you start, let’s look at different types of belly fat:

Types of belly fat

1. Abdominal distention
different types of belly fat

A very common cause in many people. If you often have to bloat, then you should drink more water and probiotics. Stick to proper nutrition and daily physical activity. You can eliminate this problem by using fiber, vegetables, bran, and drinking detox drinks for belly fat.

2. Fat under the skin
Best detox tea for belly fat

This type is safe, but many ladies strive for beauty standards and therefore worry about it. Most often, it is deposited on the waist and hips. Best detox tea for belly fat.

3. Lower belly fat pouch
Lower belly fat pouch

Quite a common problem for many people, mainly those who have a sedentary job or a fixed lifestyle, poor digestion suffers from it. Avoid sugary fizzy drinks, and foods containing flour. Give up alcohol.

4. “Lifeline” on the stomach
“Lifeline” on the stomach

This type is due to an unbalanced diet, and a sedentary image, for a long time. Fat accumulates on the waist. To get rid of waist fat, include these foods in your menu: wheat, oats, brown rice, olive oil, nuts, vegetable protein (protein production), and drink vitamins and minerals.

5. Visceral abdominal fat
Saggy belly fat

The most dangerous of all the above presented. Saggy belly fat. This fat gradually envelops all your organs in the abdominal cavity. This type most often develops in people who eat a lot of sucrose (bananas and belly fat), do not exercise, and have hormonal problems. Switch to proper nutrition, eat small portions, limit caffeine (coffee and belly fat), and start doing any physical activity.

Consider thr reasons

1. Sleep

How to lose belly fat overnight plastic wrap. Sleep is an important part of our body, but currently, people change their sleep to social networks, restaurants, and so on, thus not providing their body with the rest it needs (at least 7-9 hours of sleep). Lack of sleep greatly affects weight loss.

When a person does not get enough sleep, it greatly affects our hormones and can affect the feeling of hunger after waking up. Lack of sleep means that the hormone that makes us feel hungry increases, and the hormone that makes us feel full decreases. How to burn belly fat overnight.

This way, when we Wake up, we eat more and don’t feel full. Tip: try to go to sleep earlier, turn off all gadgets in advance and calm down.

2. Your training is not built correctly. Interval weight training

Training only on the stomach will not help you cope with this problem since belly fat is where the body stores all the energy, so you need to do a full-body workout. Consider HIIT training (high – intensity interval training, high intensity interval training running) – a very good way to burn fat, also add running and squats.

3. A large amount of sugar

If you are on a diet, but you have drinks with added sugar or fructose, chocolate, candy, and so on, remove it, as it slows down your weight loss. Does pineapple burn belly fat. If you cannot without sweet replace it with fruit, but try to eat everything in moderation, since fruits also contain fruit sugar. You can replace the sweet with a protein bar (protein bar after workout), see that it is sugar-free.

Do not be fooled by the advertising process of many products, always read the label before buying. Reduce the carbohydrates in your diet (pasta, porridge, bread) and replace them with vegetables. Yes, it will be difficult, but you want to achieve results and a beautiful tummy?!

4. Protein in the body

Protein helps build and build muscle mass and is also very helpful in losing fat and burning calories. By consuming protein, your body remains full for a longer time, thus protecting you from snacking. Protein sources are cottage cheese, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes, and others. If you can’t deny yourself carbohydrates, then replace it with protein shakes or a protein bar. High protein breakfast bodybuilder.

5. Stress

As many people know, all diseases are caused by stress, as it produces a hormone that makes you break down on sweet foods, for the sake of pleasure. If this hormone is high for a long time, then our body begins to store fat, which then climbs out on the stomach.

Essential oils to lose belly fat

Lifehack: Take a warm bath, add your favorite essential oils, and lie down, you should relax after a hard day.

6. A quick solution to the problem

Many wait for the result in the first week and do not get frustrated. Belly fat pill. Wake up, you have to wait for the result and not one or two weeks, everyone has it individually. The main thing is to keep yourself in hand and the result will not take long.

7. The monitoring of the process

At the beginning of your diet and physical activity, write down all your indicators, or take a photo, after a while (not 1-2 days) make repeated measurements, and see your result, if nothing has changed, then review everything from the beginning to the end, you may have missed something or are doing wrong.

8. A rigid diet

Many strongly reduce their calorie intake to a minimum, thereby causing harm to their body. Yes, you will lose weight, but you will return it then twice as much, since consuming fewer calories the body begins to slow down the metabolism and store everything eaten in fat. Belly fat burning smoothies.

9. Overwork of the body

If you exhaust yourself with diets and still sit in the gym for days, your body does not have time to recover, thus you make yourself worse. Don’t forget to let your body recover after training, ideally, it will take up to 48 hours.

10. There is no balance in exercises

Walking to lose belly fat. Cardio is a great way to burn excess fat and speed up your metabolism, but don’t forget to do strength exercises that keep your body toned and increase muscle mass.

11. Motivation

Perhaps one of the most difficult in this case. It is very difficult to change from one way of life to another. It is difficult to be always motivated, because if you do not see results, motivation disappears, and you just close down. Take a friend/boyfriend/mom, no matter, and start practicing together, thereby motivating each other.

Thank you for your attention, be healthy❤

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