Yoga Poses for Two People or Yoga Challenge for 2

Yoga for two helps not only to relax and get in perfect shape but also to strengthen relationships between close people. This practice perfectly calms, establishes contact with the second half and helps to find harmony in the soul. Asanas are recommended for everyone who wants to find mutual understanding, play sports together and become a support for each other.

What is the special feature yoga poses for two?

Sometimes this type of Eastern practice is called lazy, because all approaches are made slowly, regularly, using the help of a partner. Steam yoga awakens energy, helps to achieve internal transformation, so it is a bit like Tantra or Thai massage. You can perform approaches not only with your spouse but also with another, sexual partner, even with a child or a stranger.

Yoga for two helps to get rid of a lot of complexes on the way to the development of relationships. The pair should weigh approximately the same, this is required to maintain balance, perform a smooth deflection or stretch the muscles. In some positions, one partner must hold the other.

Yoga for two people requires following a few simple recommendations:

  • Always adhere to hygiene rules and maintain a neat appearance.
  • Keep up with your partner and listen to them.
  • During the exercise, listen to yourself, personal feelings, and do not forget about your partner, his comfort and feelings.
  • Change roles from time to time, even if the approaches are complex.

This is especially important for beginners so that the practice brings pleasure to all participants in the process. If you have no experience at all, it is better to train under the supervision of an instructor, well, at least for a few months. Then you can proceed to the execution in other more convenient conditions.

How to start yoga for 2 people

Yoga steam room, as well as any other practice that begins with convenient location partners. Gaiam yoga clothing should not restrict movement or press down, ideally so that things are made of natural fabrics, and the skin can breathe. This applies to clothe for both partners. The practice itself should be conducted on a special the yoga mat.

Pair yoga includes classic asanas that are used in isha hatha yoga, kundalini yoga meditation, ashtanga yoga for beginners and other movements. The difference is that they are modified for two people.

Practice for two people who move synchronously and even breathe in unison has its characteristics. In the training program, it is important to observe the following points.

  • Yoga poses for two are better performed with musical accompaniment. Music for yoga can be very diverse, but in this case, mantras, sounds of nature, and instrumental music are ideal.
  • Everything should be done positively. The mood is very important, you should not start practicing in a depressed state or being in conflict with your partner.
  • Pair yoga poses allow you to relax completely, are aimed at stretching, and there are almost no dynamics or rush.
  • One partner must lead and the other follow. This is required so that the leader can control the load and distribute it evenly between the two.
  • Pair yoga does not allow the spirit of competition to appear. In it, partners should try to complement each other, gradually strive for unity on a spiritual level, and feel the emotions of the other person.
  • When harmony is achieved between people, many light asanas can be performed intuitively, completely improvising according to the situation.
  • As for any other type of yoga, the steam room should be completely free of discomfort, pain or strong tension.

2 people yoga poses for beginners, as it does not require certain physical training. All exercises are aimed at developing flexibility and stretching the muscles.

Ashtanga yoga for beginners. 2 Person yoga poses

Yoga for two has one interesting feature: here you need to feel the energy of your partner and direct your own towards him. All asanas are simplified since both partners support each other during the performance, but the spiritual component is often difficult to understand. Thus, pair yoga for beginners requires the qualified help of an outsider who can explain, correct and direct to the correct implementation of all asanas, so it is best to practice with an instructor.

Please note! Even though pair yoga harmonizes relationships, a loved one during classes should not be the object of close attention. It is necessary to learn to perceive the beloved during training as a separate bundle of energy, but not a person or a loved one.

You can try to master simple poses yourself. They are easy to repeat, and the risk of injury is minimized. Also, these positions do not require special physical training:

Easy yoga poses for two people

1. Parivrtta trikonasana «Inverted triangle».
two person yoga poses

This asana is performed standing up. The partners should stand facing each other at arm’s length, legs half-bent at the knees, relaxed and wide apart. Stretch your arms up and hold this position for 1-2 minutes. Then spread your arms wider and turn your body so that you can reach your toes with one hand. The second hand at this time reaches for the head. The partner at the same time stands in the same position, pressing his back to the back of the second participant of the tandem. This asana can be used to exchange energy with a partner by holding hands.

2. Adho mukha śvānāsana “Dogface down” for two.
funny yoga poses

One person spreads his legs wide, raises his arms, and places them on the floor. The lower limbs do not need to be bent at the knees. The second participant places his hands about 40 cm from his hands on the floor, then puts his feet on the pelvic area of the person standing in the asana, and repeats it, leaning on the back of his partner.

3. Ardha navasana “Boat” for two.
yoga poses for two

Both partners sit on the floor facing each other, legs wide apart and feet pressed together. Then you should bring your legs together without taking them off your partner’s feet and raise them to chest level, simultaneously spreading your arms and connecting them with the palms of the second person.

These postures prepare the muscles and can be used by experienced practitioners to warm up. In each position, you need to stay for a few minutes, feeling the movement of energy.


Hard yoga poses for 2. Two people yoga poses

More complex asanas are suitable for experienced couples, but they must be mastered using video tutorials or during classes with an instructor. The fact is that such exercises involve the entire body and increase the risk of injury if performed incorrectly.

Recommended positions for experienced people:

  • «Headstand».
  • «Aircraft».
  • “Double Cobra”

1. Shirshasana
two person yoga poses

To perform a headstand, you must first take the “dogface down” pose. Then the weight of the body is transferred to the upper back, the hands are placed under the head, and the legs are lifted up. The emphasis is on the head and arms bent at the elbows, which fix the neck. The partners stand in this position facing each other and then extend one leg forward, connecting the feet.

2. Aircraft
partner yoga poses

The “Plane” operation is performed as follows. A physically strong partner lies on his back, lifting straight arms and legs. The second partner rests his palms on his hands, and the pelvis lies on the feet. The back must be arched, the legs straight, and the socks stretch back.

3. Bhujangasana pose
yoga for beginners pdf

“Double Cobra” requires one partner to lie on his stomach, legs tightly closed. The second person stands so that the feet are pressed against the first person’s thighs. Then he needs to bend down, take the hands of the person lying down, who stretched them back, bend his legs at the knees and bend his back so that the back of his head lies on the feet of the partner.

There are a lot of asanas for two people. Any Hatha yoga exercise can be changed for a couple of repeated symmetrically. This can make a great yoga challenge for two to strengthen relationships: daily for 7 days to master a new asana together.

Precautions and contraindications

When practicing yoga together, it is important to remember that the body position should be changed smoothly, so as not to disrupt the partner’s concentration. And you should also take into account your physical fitness, because the second person in a pair may simply not be able to master complex poses if you have never played sports before.

It is not necessary to start feeling resentment towards a partner or immediately after the scandal. In this case, the practice will not help, but because of the General negative mood, the risk of injury increases.

Contraindications include any ailments, pregnancy, fever or muscle pain. If the state of health leaves much to be desired, it is better to abandon the class on this day.

It is recommended to complete the joint training with the “corpse pose”, having settled down with the partner”Jack”. After that, you can hold a joint meditation or just go for a walk in the nearest park. It is recommended to choose a quiet time for classes when none of the partners need to rush on business.

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